Augmented Reality Furniture Catalogue

February 2016


I collaborated with Matteo Lever to design and implement a prototype of an augmented reality furniture catalogue as a part of the Augmented Reality and Tangible Interfaces course at the University of Paris-Sud.

Each furniture item from the catalogue has a special adhesive marker on the same page. Users can point their smartphone camera to the marker to see a 3d model of the item and interact with it. Markers can be easily removed from each page and put together to create a model of an interior.

Interaction Points

1.Point the camera to the marker to see the 3d model

2.Select an item by tapping on it

3.Choose between available color and material options

4.Flick left or right to rotate the model 90 degrees

5.Find info by moving the camera closer to the marker

6.Design your interior as you wish

Live Demo